About Me


Welcome to the little world of me.

Hi, I’m Ashleigh, 26 and living in a little town based in the Norfolk countryside with my husband (and before you ask – no pets). Day to day I am a proud NHS worker having qualified as a therapeutic radiographer earlier this year after 6 long years of training and academic study. It’s easy to say that my life is hectic but it is also the most amazing gift and that my friends, is the reason for this blog. Admittedly, my passion for following bloggers online and wanting to give writing a go for myself has stemmed from the endless amount of wedding blogs out there for new brides-to-be providing intricate detailing on real life weddings and unusual venues right down to creating your own D.I.Y decor. With that in mind, I have chosen to make this blog a little more personal, heavy on the feelings and covering the every day’s of my life, current media, travel ambitions and basically anything that catches my eye in order to spread a little happiness around.

I am graphic design uni drop out, crossing paths to working for a Radiotherapy department within the NHS and studying to complete a BSc (Hons) Degree in Radiotherapy & Oncology Practice. The shifts can seem long and sometimes the emotional and physical strain can be challenging but I believe it takes a certain person to remain positive within this career and I am glad to say I belong to a great team of them.

Moving on… Jason is the apple of my eye and having an adoring husband is a great accessory in life (I’m hoping by this point your all happy with sarcasm?). In many ways he is your typical lad, VERY football orientated but comes with a side of mush. He has very much kept me sane over the past 8 years and in more ways than one helped me grow into a young woman, teaching me to believe in everything I do with such care and support. He’s big on laughter and showing off your best qualities through happiness, so for that I must thank him. He’s also a man with ambition and likes to dabble his toes in a few different cities every now and then encouraging me every day to become a woman of adventure so check out our travel posts if your feeling jealous.

Lastly, I want to thank each and every one who stops by this little space on the internet, it is highly appreciated and please please share your stories with me!


A x