My Bucket List


WARNING: This page was written to the most random soundtrack that I could search Spotify for and included the likes of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the song everyone’s associates pancakes with from Matilda & The best of Fleetwood Mac so make of it what you wish.

To introduce this very attractive list, I’ll start with the things that have been on my ever-growing tick list since I was a wee whipper snapper which I have been fortunate enough to experience (you’ll notice I very much was the girl that dreamt of a big white wedding!), before moving onto the current goals my wandering mind has in store.

I am also very aware that on paper this looks like a very typical display of everything and anything I can boast about, so take that as your warning before reading on; I will boast about these achievements because it shouldn’t take a genius to work out that for every moment of success and laughter, there’s been a very difficult path to walk, as in everyone’s life and in some cases, very sad or fearful events that have occurred in and amongst or squeezed around the edges of these shiny celebrations, for example;

I am so fortunate to have fallen in love and married my best friend, but in order to reach today, I’ve been the jealous girlfriend with insecurities. I am also the luckiest girl to have had my degree completely funded for and received a promotion that I was never expecting, but likewise, I have been the girl crying into the pile of papers that I still had to read despite it being the middle of the night with a full shift to do the next day, then returning home after making a mistake at work and feeling like the biggest failure. I’ve also been the one to walk through the door in tears because for some reason on that day I couldn’t cope with the nature of my job and let the emotion of a patients story affect me when I should have been the one giving her nothing but support at that time.

It’s important that everyone’s lives remain different and the achievements we set ourselves differ from person to person – Pitfalls are always part of this package, so I urge everyone to write a bucket list and be sure to include all of the big green tick’s that you’ve already pushed yourself to complete. I have no doubts that everything happens for a reason – some of these may never find their place on the tick list but I will vow to make every effort to achieve as many as humanly possible.

B I G   F A T   G R E E N   T I C K

  • Experience real love and marriage
  • Becoming an Auntie
  • Getting a Bachelor of Science first class honours degree
  • Receive an unexpected job promotion
  • Been proposed to
  • Finding my own home to start married life in
  • Island hopping around Hawaii
  • Swimming at the bottom of a waterfall all to ourselves
  • Hiking the Kalalau Trail in Kauai
  • Zip Line the mountains of Maui
  • Having my father give me away and dancing together at my own wedding
  • Road tripping the USA; Both the California coast & the southern states including North Carolina, Georgia & Tennessee; our favourite spots on both trips include Big Sur along the Californian coast (we stayed at the Big Sur River Inn) & Savannah in Georgia (Olde Harbour Inn) which equally both gave us adventures to remember for a lifetime.
  • Visited Dollywood as a child and an adult (It’s not a place you can just visit once)
  • Been to the Oktoberfest in Munich
  • Skiing with family
  • Walked through Times Square & Been on top of the Empire State Building
  • Cycling around central park in New York & Attending an evening cruise on the Hudson river.
  • Been a tourist these capital’s: London, Dublin, Budapest, Prague, Rome
  • Girls holiday done!
  • Been Stand up paddle boarding
  • Whitewater rafted in Canada
  • Seen a Cirque de Soleil show in Vegas
  • Thrown a themed party
  • Snorkelled with tropical fish
  • Asked and let a local stranger plan our itinerary for a day on holiday in Savannah
  • Drove the road to Hana
  • Been to a Luau
  • Swam with sea turtles
  • Been a bridesmaid
  • Walked on a black sand beach
  • Taken a mud bath
  • Been upgraded in a hotel room
  • Geocached in the UK
  • Sneaked into music concerts for free & blagged my way to front row seats
  • Been in the United States on the 4th July, sat on a terrace eating a cheeseburger, listening to an old guy play classic american hits on an electric guitar whilst watching fireworks across the sea.
  • Thrown a surprise party
  • Sent a care package to a child in need
  • Won a competition
  • Eaten the best Chinese meal i’ll ever taste in San Francisco
  • Watched my favourite band perform live (Mumford & Sons)
  • Experienced festivals in the torrential rain & blazing heat
  • Watched the sunset and party in Ibiza
  • Had Christmas in another country
  • Skinny dipped

love flatlay-01

S T I L L   T O   B E   T I C K E D

  • Raise children
  • Attend Glastonbury
  • Write my own book
  • Be able to read back on most of my life’s events through writing
  • Try surfing in Cornwall
  • Geocache in another country
  • Eat at a Michellin star restaurant
  • Interview a stranger
  • Give a random act of kindness
  • Pass on an heirloom
  • Bury a time capsule
  • Do an event purely for charity
  • Try oysters
  • Go on an All-inclusive holiday
  • Be the one to cook christmas dinner for the whole family
  • Abseil down a cliff
  • Pay for my whole family to go on an excursion together
  • Stomp grapes at a vineyard
  • Write a long thank you letter
  • Eat breakfast outside in Paris
  • Attend a stargazing event
  • Jump into a pool fully clothed
  • Take a vespa ride in Italy
  • See a comedian live
  • Start a fire without matches
  • Go to La Tomatina Festival in Spain
  • Interrail through Europe
  • Walk barefoot down the street in the rain
  • Roll down a large hill
  • Spend a few days revisiting locations of my life’s events so far
  • See Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  • Watch the Sunrise from Haleakala National Park Summit
  • Tube down the sugar cane plantation in Kauai
  • Fly long haul first or business class
  • Campervan around New Zealand
  • Go glamping with Canopy & Stars (Click here for inspo)
  • Take Jason to watch Liverpool play at Anfield
  • Get tickets to watch an England World Cup game
  • Spend a night camping on a beach with a campfire
  • Go back to Vegas and visit the Grand Canyon
  • Kayak Lake Moraine in Canada

travel flatlay-01

. . .    T o   b e   c o n t i n u e d