Saying Goodbye


I feel so sad writing this, especially as the weather gets cooler and the days a little darker, usually the time we would all be huddled around my parents log burner watching cheesy christmas films on sky. However, I also feel a little heart warming as my parents needed to move on from a place that made and holds so many family memories.

Meadow House is no longer ours. I’m not sure when the time will come that I allow myself to drive down that road again. I’m also not quite sure this is even a reality? For some years now my parents have been trying to sell the house to downsize but had no luck. We started to believe the house had chosen us and thats the only thing it would be happy with, despite it becoming too demanding on my parents now that 5 out of 7 of us no longer lived there. However, now its gone and I am truly pleased, but I am also truly saddened that this will be the first christmas outside of my childhood home.

I owe a huge thank you to my parents for raising us kids inside this house for so many years and for the crazy efforts that went into the upkeep of that house and especially garden. Everyone I met growing up with always believed we were a rich family but only a select few knew the hard work and sacrifice that my parents went through to enjoy this space. So I guess another thank you goes out to them for teaching me how to money manage by always being honest with us. If you dream big and really do believe you can achieve it, you will.

We have years and years of memories that will never be forgotten, not to mention the 4 generations that have had the pleasure of living in it. So for memories sake, here’s the best bits of our beautiful, loving and special family home. P.S. Dad, don’t be sad, I know how much letting go of this place pulls at your heart strings, but think of all the spare time you have now 😉

  1. Bonfire night – Bonfire, pie and peas in the garden, every year.
  2. I believed we had fairies that lived at the bottom of the garden by the stream when I was younger. I’d probably spent endless days playing with poisonous mushrooms.
  3. My first car was delivered to our house ready for christmas morning, it was covered in snow and that day I drove my whole family to the pub down the road.
  4. Christmas every year, the games, the food, the fire, the sound system!, but most of all the fact everyone woke up to a full Irish breakfast just to please my Irish grandad. Nobody could open a single present until my grandparents were up, washed and dressed and we’d eaten breakfast together.
  5. Natalie’s wedding in the garden – One of the best nights we’ve ever had, if not the best night we’ve ever had at that house.
  6. Kimberley’s annual party with friends (usually involving another bonfire – dad always has a lot of rubbish to burn).
  7. Watching my dad build this house literally from the ground up. I will never forget countless visits to see is progress.
  8. BBQ day after our wedding.
  9. Birthday’s – no matter whose birthday it was, the candles had to be re-lit for every single person that was at the table and happy birthday was sung the same amount of times (still to the only person whose birthday it was).
  10. The colours of the kitchen cupboards changed every year.
  11. Those memories that for some reason are always the ones to stick in your mind; Natalie losing the plot being stuck in the middle seat at christmas dinner, getting too hot in-front of the fire with nobody offering to swap so stripping down to her bra whilst we are all tucking into our turkey; Grandma laughing so hard her false teeth falling out and sliding across the wooden flooring whilst we all played a game (she didn’t even realise until we were all in uncontrollable fits of laughter); The time we were all sat for a family meal and I shook the carton of orange juice vigorously without realising the lid wasn’t on.

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You were the best house, I miss you already.

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Lynne Hartley Moore says:

    Ashleigh, thank you so much for sharing your memories and those lovely photos. I will admit to shedding a few tears over the photos of your grandparents and smiling at your wedding photos – a day I so enjoyed spending with you and your family. I’m sure your parents will miss their beautiful home but wish them all the best in their new one which I hope will be less demanding on them both. Please can you forward me their new address and phone number. Much love to you all. Lynne x


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