We were pretty much half way through our train holiday with Interrail (EU) when we encountered our first local ‘commuter’ journey from the city of Naples down to the coastline of Amalfi. Our aim was to reach Sorrento with all arms and legs in tact (you think I’m joking). At one point on our journey, I wasn’t quite sure if my toes were actually touching the floor or if my whole body weight was being held up by the Londoner next to me, the two travel bags that accompanied us by our legs or the chap about to faint to my right.

The local Circumvesuviana train was something out of a horror movie. I’m not complaining about the service, it cost the two of us no more than โ‚ฌ4 to travel 90 mins along the coastline of Italy to reach what we had hoped was going to be heaven after this trip. The train I do recall having some slight blow of air con but the real treasure of this train was split equally between two things: the squeeze, and the pickpockets. For anyone that fancies challenging me to an awareness contest, I always take the trophy for proud loser. A lot can go on around me and I can quite easily remain inside a little Ashleigh bubble, but on this train ride – not a chance. I think I very quickly became the most aware person on that tin can with wheels as I strapped my backpack to my front, gave myself muscle aches for days after pinching my knees together clutched around my suitcase and daring not once get out my phone despite our air BnB host awaiting our arrival and being the sole reason for the continuous vibrations coming from the top pocket of my bag.

Fortunately for me, my awareness that day sufficed, but unfortunately there had to be one victim. The lady to our left was robbed the moment we all tried to squeeze onto the train from the platform. Lucky for her, the Brits abroad who witnessed the whole thing were quick enough to spot the culprit, force him to release his hands and Chuck him off the train. Fortunately for the culprit, he’d experienced this before and soon spotted the open doors of the carriage next to us. The rest I’m afraid resulted in lots of shouting through the train as I can only assume he claimed his next iPhone X.

Moral of the story. If your like us and travel safety is clearly not a big deal then this train will easily transport you to where you want to go at almost no cost at all. If however your the total opposite, I’d recommend a private taxi transfer. Surely you can work out which is more fun though?

Sorrento was a joy, but all in all not what we expected. It wasn’t quite the quaint picturesque town we’d hoped for (although Positano definitely was), but perhaps were getting fussy in our older years ;). We did however secure a beautiful private apartment with an exceptionally helpful host who gave us the best tips and tricks to a peaceful 3 days in the sunshine. After a flick through some photos that will stay in our memories forever, a snippet of our itinerary is below.

The Amalfi coast has been on my bucket list for years. This is the first time I’ve ever visited and it didn’t disappoint. We chose to base ourselves in Sorrento for easy access to the airport and transport links that led to the smaller coastal towns.

Our apartment was stunning and can be booked here. Centrally located, crisp, clean and modern.

In total we spent 3 days here and my absolute favourite of the 3 days was our second day which we spent on a clifftop. Literally, nothing more fancy to it than that but it was one of those days on holiday whereby we felt like free spirits chilling at one of the local hangout spots that most tourist are blissfully unaware of. Groups of friends hung out for hours with nothing but swimwear, cool boxes and a speaker hooked up to someones phone for background music. We must have stayed here for hours, watching locals, jumping in and out of the sea and taking a swim into the crystal clear waters of the secluded lagoon. It was pure beauty and because your reading this you now have the pleasure of knowing what this secret spot is called so you can plan your own perfect day. From Sorrento you have to take the local bus from the tourist office at the train station towards Capo and ask the bus driver to drop you off at the Regina Giovanna baths whereby an easy to follow walking trail will lead you directly to the rocks. Stay for sunset and your day is complete ๐Ÿ™‚

Our third day is where the majority of these photos come from, with barely any effort because the place really is that beautiful. Positano, you are just like instagram represents and a joy to wander. Cocktails at every corner and views from every street, there’s no better combination.


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