America: Soul Searching in Savannah


1 8 t h – 2 0 t h   D e c e m b e r   2 0 1 7

The second part of our trip took us 5 hours south of Atlanta to Jason’s destination choice of the holiday: the oldest city in the state of Georgia, Savannah with a huge Irish heritage (you wouldn’t want to accidentally book a stay here over St. Patricks day or else you’ll end up being one of 300,000 people attending the yearly parade). What greeted us was a complete change of scenery and environment from the north and we ditched the hats and gloves for t-shirts and slip on shoes. The heat was around 25 degrees throughout our 2 day stay and not what we expected at all. Queue the ‘Ash… I haven’t prepared for this, I don’t have any shorts!’. So whipping on my only summer outfit in the form of a corduroy pink dungaree dress, we headed out to explore the streets that surrounded our river front apartment. 

Picture a mix of French, Greek and Italianete style houses, colours of all kind shaded by hanging Quercus Virginiana trees draped in Spanish moss that let beaming sunshine flicker through and bounce of the red ribbons that lined every lamppost, statue and bin. Doesn’t sound too bad of a walk when you can take your alcoholic beverage outside of the bar you just bought it and stretch your legs around a two mile radius does it? (Savannah is one of the few cities in the states that allows this rule & actually promotes it with take-out cups placed at the door of every bar).

Savannah was truly beautiful and so Day 3 was spent exploring river street which was lined with various bars, restaurants and gift shops of all kind; sweets, peanuts, t-shirts and unique handmade gifts. The true charm of this street came when walking down the cobbles alongside the old trolley that transported people across the city. By afternoon we had conveniently found a bar that suited the tastebuds and offered a cheeky alternative to Jason’s favourite treat; the slush puppie. Wet Willies serves up the worlds best daiquiris with every kind of flavour palatable. Taking a seat we scanned our options before being offered a taster of various flavours to match our preferences and both opted for a Sweet bob Marley as the winner (Strawberry, Mango & Apple daiquiri’s all mixed together – YUM!). This place offered only what I could describe as a cheeky flutter of excitement as we sipped on our cup of novelty. 


Taking our drinks with us we scouted out a place for dinner and deciding to make the most of the unusually hot weather a week before Christmas, we spotted a terrace seafood restaurant with all things Ashleigh & Jason to draw us in; festoon lights, balcony seating, live music, cocktails and whiskey. The night ended with a long chat at the table before returning to our apartment and finding a little note to inform us of the weather predictions the following day as well as a little hint that we should open the freezer for a sweet treat to settle the night. Thank you for the choc ice’s olde harbour inn


The following day was all about the walking. We quite possibly walked miles to cover one end of the city to the other. Taking in all things tourist we stopped to explore magical houses that lined the streets with detail at every corner, Forsyth park with it’s beautiful trees and fountain and of course a stop at ben and jerry’s just because. Once we’d done a full loop we headed to the shrimp factory on river street to make use of happy hour before heading back to the hotel to refresh and find a spot for dinner on our last night here. Turned out we spent a good 2 hours enjoying happy hour with what felt like our own personal barmaid making up concoctions only to be found in that state (If i could, i’d buy everyone a bottle of this) and filling up a napkin with her eatery recommendations for the evening. We couldn’t have thanked her enough as we headed out to enjoy what was one of our favourite evenings of the holiday that we were alone together for;

First, we pulled up a bar seat for champagne at ‘The Grey‘, an old renovated greyhound bus station turned gatsby style upmarket cocktail bar and restaurant. This place had ambience, the type of lighting that was just right to sink a few jars, look your partner in the eye and wish Ed Sheeran was standing right beside you singing ‘perfect’ at that exact moment in time (haha). Second, we moved on to ‘Treylor Park‘ (who’s founder’s name is conveniently Trey and did in fact grow up on a trailer park) and experienced the best chicken wings we will probably ever have (peanut and jelly coated) before tucking into possibly one of the most unique, ooziness dishes i’ve ever tasted; Chicken pot pie that was all sorts of hot and creamy, wrapped in a tortilla and then deep fried. I know.

That’s it for Savannah folks, perhaps one day I’ll pluck up the guts to share a VLOG we drunkenly decided to record as arrived back at our hotel and felt everyone should know about this amazing place. But for now you can just admire the pictures! p.s. I realise there’s a lot of drinking going on in this visit but when it’s offered to you in so many various forms it really is hard to resist. Plus, it’s kinda the only time we did drink across all 3 weeks so we’re letting ourselves off.


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