Happy Norfolk – Creake Abbey


W I N G A R D I U M   L E V I O S A

There’s something sepia toned about the air today so a good afternoon sat inside with the curtains drawn is on our agenda before filling up on roast dinner and once again awaiting Monday morning. However, before I resume my position on the couch I had an idea this week after a lovely day off spent with my mum, to start dedicating a series of blog posts to my good ol’ home county that is Norfolk so without further a do, welcome to Happy Norfolk. I want to document some of the beauty that surrounds us and hope that as a result, it helps inspire a few impromptu or very well planned days out to get you motivated for enjoying the outdoors even as the temperature drops (contradictory to my introductory statement I know, but a husband with football matches to watch and a few pages of coursework feedback for me has left us in that mood). It really is so beautiful in so many ways that I promise it’s possible to feel like Hermione Granger wandering the scenic flatness that is pig-muc stinking farming fields. Ok, so that might not be the best selling point for those wanting to experience Norfolk but the fact is, it’s true and in amongst its beauty of old stone built cottages, ducks that walk the dual carriageway, endless sandy beaches and the christmas home for the Queen, there is a fresh scent in the air pretty much all times.

One thing I am amazed at is how I have lived here for 25 years and still come across new places to visit. It might help that I am married to the water police who gains an invite into every building in the county and beyond, public toilets to chocolate factories. Hec, I couldn’t even escape him in my own place of work. Despite this, the benefit that this brings is endless suggestions of new territory to explore and I am fully aware there’s many of you that will read this going pffft, that’s old news! But if you haven’t happened to stumble across this first suggestion before (judging what our signposting is like around here) then I’ll gladly introduce Creake Abbey.


My advice is to make use of the locally sourced produce they have on offer here and wake up early for a crisp, slow wander around the Abbey ruins before heading to the courtyard, purchase a postcard picture of your favourite coastline and tuck into some seasonal grub in the cafe (cod & mint fishcakes with ginger dipping sauce…mmmmmm). If your at a lose end on the 25th November, there’s a christmas craft fair taking place from 10am but if you’d rather save on the decs and splash out on food then wait until a week later when the christmas award winning farmers market comes to visit (9.30-13.00). Either way it’s a pretty blissful way to spend a morning!


A motto for your next day off; Today is wild & it is yours, you’ll never remember your best day of television.

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