Bonfire, Pie & Peas

W A R M   H E A R T S

As I’ve spent the past week sleeping like a log, turning from human to prune over endless baths, sadly getting to the bottom of two of my favourite candles, having conversation over baby names, wedding dresses and television programmes, oh & falling asleep on a research journal that I woke up from and appeared to have dribbled all across the page leaving me with an almost crunchy autumn leaf style piece of literature, we closed the week with an evening at my parents house for a bonfire, pie, peas & my first mulled wine of the year. A tradition for as many years as I can remember and one of the first blog posts I ever wrote. So.. you know what that meant….. LAYERS! Who doesn’t love to feel like they weigh about 20 stone from head to toe with only eye holes & some numb nostrils to breathe through. I love it so much that I get over excited with these layers, I end up stripping down to a T-Shirt by the time the fire’s been lit for 10 minutes. However, some who know me well enough will be sure to know I actually dislike fireworks. I can’t quite put my finger on why, being a lover of the outdoors n’all that. I just don’t like them. I did love the ambience and absolute hygee that fireworks on the beach bought us during our honeymoon but they felt a little less intimidating and far enough away that I managed to enjoy it. In the UK however I feel a little different, I find them haunting, loud & the sounds of kids screams and dogs barking lessen’s the effect, along with the fear I seem to have around them. So besides the neighbours display, it was a firework free weekend for me, but a family tradition by the fire.

Talking of this day, does anyone rate the series ‘Gunpowder’? Jason and I are yet to watch it and wondering what the general vibe is, I’m hoping your going to tell me it’s terrible and really bad acting so that I won’t need to add this to the long list of series that we are always battling alongside each other but I have a funny feeling your going to be in favour of it, in which case i’m not sure I can resist.


This evenings motto; Decide what it is you want, write that sh*t down, make a plan and work on it, every, single, day.



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