Taking A Leap of Faith

BH2A6602BH2A6588BH2A66005 weeks done, what?

I like to consider myself a determined person and I don’t find giving up on things easy but the thought of leaving my humble abode for 5 continuous weeks was a struggle and I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t feel emotional along the way (shout out to those of you in long distance relationships, I admire you). However; 5 weeks later, 1 assignment down, 1 night heavy night out complete & 35 lectures attended it feels quite strange to be sat down typing something that doesn’t revolve around electrons and particles or how I aim to be the best type of radiographer I can be. I’m kind of stuck in what to say. I wish I could say that writing comes naturally to me but truth is – it doesn’t. But i’m a sucker for a challenge so here I am writing… it’s also huuuuuuugely therapeutic (no pun intended). So since I feel a little bit celebratory sat at my one person spaced table with pens literally hanging over the edge in a little studio apartment in the middle of sheffield for the last time err ever, I thought it would be fun to put together a little memoir of my time in the city and what i’ve learnt whilst my ready made lasagne cooks in the oven (I promise I have cooked almost every night, but tonight not being one of those).

You’ve guessed it, here’s another list..

  1. People in this city are really quite friendly. I had to apologise when the security man at the uni library referred to me as ‘duck’ and then wondered why I wasn’t responding. Even those on the street ask for money with a smile on their face.
  2. I’ve found a new love for Zara Larsson.
  3. Living alone drives me crazy, I’m not good at it & I can’t sleep.
  4. I’ve spent so much less time on social media but i’ve missed my blog. I find it difficult to switch between academic writing and writing what I think so to spare myself the embarrassment i’m trying to focus on getting through this year as much of an academic student as I can – but I miss this.
  5. Recording lectures on your phone is a life saver. At a time when shorthand is extinct this is the next best thing and walking to uni listening to the previous days lectures are geeky yes but beneficial and a top tip should you ever find yourself in that situation ya know.
  6. Also, speaking of lectures – I was offered a ‘high 6’ when the lecturer found out I was from Norfolk. My dad found this highly amusing considering he was born in Yorkshire (If you can’t quite piece this information together don’t fret, just let it slide).
  7. I can walk in the rain. Who’d have believed it. 45 minutes each way every day in the middle of October and I haven’t had a melt down. Who needs a car these days!
  8. Having free time to myself has meant that i’ve bought 5 people’s christmas presents! I’ve honestly never been so decisive over this topic before.
  9. ‘Liar’ had me hooked! Definitely in the 50% that disliked the ending though.
  10. I’m guilty of becoming addicted to watching You-tubers (Ok, I take back my social media comment) & my persuasive chat’s with Jason to make sure we record our american christmas holiday are going to get a whole lot more intense now.
  11. I missed Jason so much during my time away that when I visited home for a weekend we pulled up the decking and laid ground sheet before selling items from our garage on Facebook (marriedlifemuch?).
  12. I’ve missed you work family!!!
  13. I’ve also missed my actual family – I really have.

I’ve also had an idea of sharing a little motto at the end of every blog post to round off so here’s one for your savvy souls this afternoon; Live your own life. Try not to admire someone else’s confidence, but respect it and take time to admire your own.

The amazingly talented Katherine Ashdown took our photo’s as we volunteered for a training shoot. Thanks Kathy, stunning as always!

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