Re-Fresher & 5 things.

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There’s a huge sense of Autumn in the air today, and I can’t pretend that I haven’t loved it. My pastey legs get put away for another year, the gingerbread in latte’s doesn’t seem to feel that much of sin now, my email box is full of spam from the hundreds of home decor shops i’ve signed up to because they offer introductory discounts on your first purchase and their insisting on telling me how to style my house for the coming crisper season, we’ve had the heating on for the first time in months! (my parents will be so ashamed) and i’m writing this sat in a different room of the house than usual so i’m beginning to sense some change…

Motivation for this post came as I decided to take a potter about the house this afternoon and found myself staring out the window of our spare room thinking about my last week at work before I embark on huge change. For anyone that doesn’t know, I am starting the final year of a BSc degree in Oncology and Radiotherapy as of next week. Previously I may have been referred to as a radiographer by some, however truth is I’m still a mere 9 months away from officially being labelled as just that. It’s been a long time coming but roughly this time 5 years ago I applied for a Trainee job I knew absolutely nothing about and after passing the initial application stage, was invited to spend a day in the department to see how much I could get my head around, or even see myself doing before turning up to my interview a few weeks later.

Turns out, I didn’t do too bad of a job and here we are 5 years later after completing a year working as a ‘helper’ (I will never forget my first payslip with this written on it – everyone’s gotta start somewhere!) around the department, 2 solid years completing a foundation degree working as a Trainee Assistant Practitioner, 7 overnight trips to South Yorkshire, 1 distance bridging research module and 1 year working as a qualified Assistant Practitioner alongside senior radiographers before being able to complete the final year of study to qualify as a therapeutic radiographer next summer.

So why didn’t I just go to uni straight off for 3 years you ask? To be honest I felt i’d done the whole university thing and it wasn’t for me. I was in a serious relationship and I felt I needed more stability so I applied for a trainee post whereby I could fall into a work routine and knew I’d be earning every month. I’ll admit now that I feel incredibly lucky to have trained in such a profession that is so very rare and hard to do these days without being a full time student and I have colleagues and managers to thank for supporting me through it, mentally and financially and giving in to my persistent pushiness to progress further than my job role was intended. However i’ll admit that it’s not for the faint hearted and most of my evenings and weekends were spent studying after finishing an 8 hour shift. But the confidence and experience it has given me is such a blessing and if I had to do it all over again the same way I 100% would.

Besides this experience, I can’t pretend i’m not nervous about leaving home for 5 weeks (shout out to the home comforts we all get so accustomed too) but trying to remain the glass half full kinda girl i’ve thought of 5 things i’m actually looking forward too;

1. Walking 30 minutes to and from uni lectures every day; i’m so used to commuting via car each day to work at stupid o’clock in the morning it will actually be a little treat to have a lay in knowing I don’t have a schedule until 9am for once!

2. Writing. It may be more scientific and referenced to death but once i’m in the swing of it I can become a little geeky and go as far to say that I do enjoy it.

3. Experiencing a new city and its surroundings. I may have visited many times before but strict time limits have meant that i’ve missed out on seeing it through the eyes of a resident. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband and friends who have scheduled time to visit and help my wandering mind explore. I hear there’s a few cocktail bars to witness at the end of my road 😉

4. Knowing the benefit this whole experience is going to give me and keeping it my end goal when it all get’s that little bit tough to reach.

5. Having booked a ‘half way holiday’ for 3 and a half weeks to squeal about over Christmas and New Year with Jason and my whole family travelling in the US! I can’t explain how excited my country music loving heart is for this.

Peace out fans, i’m afraid to say it might get a little silent over here for a while 😦


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