10 Things To Bring Instant Happiness To Your Day


S M I L E S   A L L   R O U N D

Work hard, play hard. (hearing me?)

However, it can a loooooong struggle waiting for the hard work to be over before thoroughly enjoying yourself and whilst it’s good to have those peak moments to look forward to (i’m thinking toes in the water, ass in the sand type moments) let’s face it, the majority of our lives are ran within our own homes waiting for Friday. So (here’s my big plan to turn you all horizontal – minus the dope) I’ve re-capped on a previous blog post I wrote earlier in the year and clubbed together some of my favourite 10 both selfless & selfish ideas together to help add a little bit of zen into your day that won’t break the bank whilst you penny count that holiday pot.

1. Card’s aren’t just for occasions. It’s important to share cards (even if you think they’re pointless) on the expected birthdays, anniversaries, births etc. However, next time your out shopping, pick up a card for a friend or relative that you want to send just to say hi, or thank you, or how’s the dog. This is a real double winner if you want to feel chuffed with yourself for sending snail mail instead of a facebook like and wait to receive the cute response when they unexpectedly open an envelope that isn’t trying to sell them cheap car insurance.

2. Time out by yourself. By this, I mean getting dressed, going OUT of the house by yourself. There’s no law that states because your hubby is at a football match and all your family or friends are busy that you should seclude yourself to the house on a well earned day off. Go out, take a book or magazine and get to know yourself a little better. If there’s a film on at the cinema that you really want to watch but nobody else does – go by yourself. I can guarantee if you take a few hours to do something you enjoy but you’d usually do it surrounded by others, by yourself, you’ll look at it in a completely different light. Where to start; try a coffee shop with a book, botanical gardens with a camera, a quiet beach with a list to write or just simply a shopping trip alone.

3. Say yes to something you’d usually say no to. I can’t advise on what this might be but on this occasion don’t trust your gut and you might surprise yourself by actually enjoying or benefitting from it.

4. Put on a playlist from the year of your teen’s. I find the car is the best way to appreciate this, and i’m talking from experience this morning. Browsing through Apple music I was delighted at the appearance of a pop throwback playlist so all plugged in I was treated to the delights of Meredith Brooks, No Doubt & Alanis Morissette. Combine this with number 2 and you’ve mastered your inner guru.

5. Let your child lead the way. In the words of Mumford & Son’s ‘hopeless wanderer’, this ones for the families. Next time you want to take the kids out for a few hours, leave the phones in the backpack and watch where they take you, just follow them (within reason). In the car, ask them to give you directions or on foot, let them take the lead, watch and learn a little bit more about what their little brains are telling them and what they find interesting at their age. Just be sure to take enough snacks and supplies incase you get lost!

6.  Smile in the street. Recently I was walking through the high street of my city and for some reason noticed how serious everyone looked. It was the perfect summer’s day and yet everyone that looked up seemed to have a bee in their bonnet, so I decided to randomly smile at someone. It was quite a nice feeling to receive the same back, even knowing we won’t see each other again. Jason and I were recently in London when a lady came up to us and told me how lovely my outfit looked as we headed out to dinner before her husband soon followed and said if she hadn’t told me he would have said the same. I quite honestly don’t think they realised how lovely it felt to hear a stranger pay a compliment through their own choice and it made me want to help make someone else feel that way in the future.

7. Sing or hum a song out loud every day. I probably do this every day of my life and quite often it’s a conversation that strikes it up or jolts my memory to a tag line but it’s a nice little perk to the day, especially when someone else joins in with you.

8. Help plan an event or trip. & if there isn’t a plan, create one (There’s scientific proof that this one provides happiness). Last year Jason and I decided to finally organise something for new year (4 months in advance) as its usually something we do very little on however planning a ‘couples olympics’ themed night was serious fun from making pinterest boards of ideas, to making up games, getting creative over decoration and heading out to buy team coloured outfits. You can get carried away though so keep costs down by taking a few months to plan it. This year i’m lucky enough to be planning one of my best friends Hen party & she will now know that she’s already got her own little cupboard in my house (no sneaking Katrien!)

9. Eat dinner together at a table. If your not able to then limit any distractions. You’ll love the conversations you end up having during dinner time, trust me. If your the type to debate it might be worth choosing your topics wisely and accepting the different views you might all have – this one can get messy, but interesting!

10. Create a handshake. If I’d have put these all in order this would have to be number one. It’s hilarious and it happened by mistake but I’ll have to admit Jason and I do have a ‘handshake’ & life events have a way of adding something to the handshake each year. Don’t laugh, or do cause it’s pretty silly but it has helped defuel many disagreements as the insult of refusing the handshake would be worse than accepting defeat of the argument, however it also adds a great sense of team work when something is completed.


That’s all folks. p.s. i’m always keen to try more if you fancy sharing tips!

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