On The Blogging Hype Are We? + My Top 3 Bloggers.



I’ve always been a notebook girl. Still, one of my favourite parts of walking into HomeSense is the row of multicoloured and endless designs of notebooks, so it’s probably obvious that I am also a list kinda girl. Why am I telling you this? Because recently I’ve had quite a few comments and questions on why I am starting to follow the ‘blogging hype’ to which I found them difficult to answer.

Difficult in the sense that I wasn’t sure how the correct way to answer their questions was or how to react to a comment without offending someone by assuming they didn’t like me ramming my life down their throats but also difficult in the sense that I jumped to conclusions and assumed they were asking me because they thought I had all of a sudden become big headed about my life that I felt the need to share it with the world. So i’ve decided what better way than to explain in my own words (because i’ve had time to think about it) and I came to the conclusion that it’s my form of therapy. Everyone will have something that enables them to feel positive energy, mostly i’m guessing this comes in forms of exercise but for the rest of us, it comes through hobbies and interests. However, I remain the girl that never had an interest in sports, never competed in any competitions and was pushed to focus on getting good grades (just to clarify, I gained nothing higher than a D in GCSE science and now my whole career revolves around physics & biology #truestory), but what i’ve realised now that i’m starting to grow up a bit (here comes the relevance to the notebooks) is that I’ve always loved to write. My sister used to write songs for pocket money, my mum can read a whole book in an hour and well, my dad designed our whole family home via a sketch on a piece of paper (don’t worry Kim, I haven’t forgot about you, your just better at speech therapy than you are written – like what I did there 😉 ).

So I guess you could say it’s in my genes.

However, that isn’t the sole reason I started writing this blog. I like to read about peoples lives, I enjoy realising that I’m not the only person who can have a hormonal afternoon whereby crying for no reason is ok & that people do go to bed on an argument and feel bad about it or finding out that people are achieving things they set out to do. It’s nice to genuinely feel happy for people and it’s also nice to be told people like to read about mine too. Little would anyone know I first wrote what would be the equivalent to a blog post when I was about 14 years old and i’ve found ways to document memories ever since; scrapbooks, diaries, photo albums, travel boxes – you name it, i’ve probably done it. But it was only until I started to care a little less that I decided to write about my memories, feelings or experiences in a public space for anyone that cared to read (Mum & Jason – you’ll always be enough). But even writing blog posts I feel the urge to print them off and bind them together to put under my bed (i’m sure future grandchildren might find some humour in it). But to sum it up for those that have asked, i’m writing a blog for me & if nobody were to read it, it will still give me therapeutic benefit. After all, to write a blog, means you’ve often read a few and I’ve found a subscription love for 3 blogs with very different (but laid back) writing styles that seemed to have shown me different perspectives on life, of which each and every one I have taken a lesson from.

If you fancy grabbing a cuppa and taking a look into someone else’s life, follow my recommendation and click on any of the captions below that you like the sound of to take you to their blog:

Typically romantic, beautiful on the eyes, living in & visiting beautiful places with a close-knit family who’s fun is infectious. Why I love this blog; it’s simple, full of over-the-top romance & the amazing photography that has been mastered by the couple themselves to make it the most attractive blog you’ll ever come across is quite admirable.

For the realist’s among you, picture taking your dog for a country walk with a clear sunset in the background, but coming home covered in mud to find your kid’s have drawn all over your wall. Why I love this blog; it’s honest and raw at times, a matter of fact perspective on life but hilarious and loveable, the ‘it happens to all of us we just don’t talk about it’ kind.

The funny one, guaranteed to write something every 20’s/30’s female can relate to. Why I love this blog; For similar reasons as above, it covers a lot of ground, from quite deep topics to brief and need to know essentials or pick me up’s.

Ashleigh 🙂 x

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