To the girl I stood in a telephone box with at 5am.


A   D E D I C A T I O N   T O   Y O U


Those crazy nights are not quite over,

Staying up ’till the birds sing,

This time it’s just a bit different,

You’ll struggle, so be sure to ring.

Alternatively, you can battle it out,

But you’ll need some good advice,

To bring you back down to earth,

And hold your hand when things aren’t nice.

Any day now you’ll become a mother,

Wiping the poop from Tiny’s bum,

You’ll fall in love all over again,

& wait for the day he says ‘mu’mum’

So I came to say that this is your life,

For now you have a new one,

Take each day as it comes,

& don’t you dare dwell on your old one.

With love in your heart,

But tears in his eyes,

He’s lucky to have you,

Singing bedtime lullabies.

He will test your patience,

That one’s for sure,

Remember; cool calm and collected,

He only wants more.

With his two tiny hands,

& his ten little toes,

Be sure to count your blessings,

For how quickly times goes.

Sam, if she ever takes it out on you,

Just know it’s never to hurt,

These times can be so testing,

Being a mum with sick down your skirt.

Love each other every day,

Your marriage will keep you strong,

Your baby has to come first,

But date nights, they’re never wrong.


To two very dear friends, we hope for the very best in the next few weeks that lay ahead & send nothing but good vibes your way. We love you both lots and pray for a safe arrival of baby Brien. Take care of each other, always. xx








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