Cheap Dates & Conversation

C H A R I T Y   S H O P   D A T E   N I G H T

The love affair my husbands been having with the football season has come to an end and the time has come to regain our love of weekends (before you say it, no he’s not under the thumb – I appreciate the football season as I quite like to get away from him once in a while believe it or not) but regardless of this, it’s the time of year to adventure & what better way than to pull out a worldy from the ‘date jar’ – stop contemplating it, just make one for yourselves.

and the winner is…

date jar tag

If you’ve never done this before then the next time you host a dinner party or a get together with a group of friends, or like us and are simply having a night over at the in-laws, arrange a lunch date with hubs during the day and whilst out, split up, give each other a tenner and raid a local charity shop for your spouses surprise outfit for the night. I can promise it won’t disappoint. Personally, we played quite safe with our attire as I just couldn’t resist the urge to turn Jason into a saved by the bell re-creation. His little face was a picture and quite frankly I think he was in his element (totally worth £7). The look on his ‘rents face as we turned up was even better, despite reactions that we were a tad overdressed for a family games night & a £20 sky box office fee. Personally I think we came out top trumps in best dressed for spectators of the Joshua vs. Klitschko fight.

Jason profile red shirtashleigh lifting dress

To bring us back to reality, the following day was reserved for a trip down memory lane (yep, no chores were getting done this weekend!) as we took a drive out to the North Norfolk Coast and the chosen destination of Cromer. We approached the scenic car park with as usual no change for a ticket, so 1 detour down and upon our return to said car park, i’d spotted a cliffside I must have never seen before, showing similarities to a spot in Broadchurch and made Jason walk about 2 miles in the opposite direction of attraction just so I could photograph some cliffs. The best days happen when neither of us have an itinerary or desire to be anywhere and walking aimlessly (through caravan parks) seems like the best place to be – mentally. It reminds us of how much we do love spending time together and how funny our conversation can be and the random amount of fact vs. fiction crap we actually come out with that we find entertaining for some unknown reason. Most of all it seems to teach us more and more about each other; we share our lives together and live every day beside each other, eating from the same plates, sitting on the same sofa and sleeping in the same bed but this time in particular gives us the chance to tell each other what’s been playing on our minds or just what we’ve been enjoying lately. I also owe it to Jason for having patience along the way when I want to take photo’s – thanks hun.

Who doesn’t love a good bank holiday weekend?

cromer cliffs1st coat picbit cold round herejason zip strugglewindsurfcromer pier broadwalk viewcromer hutshelter skelterno1 fish and chipsPavillioncar lovestreetyellow house


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