Pot Luck.

T H I S   I S N ‘ T   A   P O S T   A B O U T   L U C K ,

J U S T   P O T S.

There’s nothing better than a good old trip to the Garden Centre with your mum for a pinch on the waistline to consume tea and scones along with a boot full of greenery as the result of warm weather and glorious sunshine seeks out the inner Titchmarsh in you.


I’m new to the whole gardening scene as you may remember from my last post and I only managed to kill a hanging basket last year however, I am determined not to fail at my novice efforts so far. Therefore I’m trying my best at learning the art of keeping flowers alive and grass short as spring leaps into sunny little Norfolk and so it began on Saturday as there was no way my denim dungaree dress was accepting it’s first wear lounging about the house.

Notcutts is my favourite garden centre to visit (I say this as though I should know lots about plants), partly because the colourful show of flowers at this time of year and in the later months that follow just can’t help but make you gleam as the scent of coffee consumes you from customers catching up on the terrace. Besides this, it’s also my favourite as I often associate it with my mum & late grandma. My grandmother was a floral connoisseur in her time, quick to pass on this gene and those endless stories and love of the outdoors seem to come up in conversation as we weave in and out of the aisles lined with bright colours and leafy greens, discussing the reason I grew up in Norfolk after an industrial scene of the North made fields look like the crown jewels in comparison.


So the real reason I wrote this post… to share a trend I have been noticing on my garden centre visits (or maybe an addiction?), involving me returning home having gained another J. Chamberlain and Co. plant pot. Rather than unintentionally sounding like a crazy lady preaching about their robustness and cottage-like attraction, I thought I’d show you my most recent purchase which I have to admit suits my taste perfectly as I chose Lavender as my plant of choice to sit delicately within. A few years ago I purchased the white pot to sit in pride of place at my kitchen window whilst this half moon pale grey pot found it’s home outside in eye view from the lounge patio doors.


Sunshine, please stay.


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