Mum’s Always Right.

W E L C O M E   A D U L T H O O D


I’m fully dedicating this post to my adored mother. I guess it’s only fair for me to say that i’ve only had the pleasure of experiencing how to ‘adult’ properly since getting married and leaving my family home to move in with Jason and begin our life together – a ‘first’ for both of us.

Whilst window shopping a few weeks back I saw a mothers day card that had a caption on it which read ‘Sometimes when I speak, my mother comes out’ and I let out an obligatory squeal of laughter as a flashback of instances over the past few months came to mind. Today was my fixed day off work and usually I like to spend this day catching up on cleaning the house, doing the washing, making a home cooked dinner that takes a little longer than 20 minutes and squeeze in an episode or two of additive TV series (currently watching ‘big little lies’ upon recommendation and have a feeling I may become very addicted very quickly) but today was an exceptionally busy one as I dared to enter the GARDEN. Yes, the sun was shining and Capital FM was the first station to come on the kitchen radio and with the patio doors wide open, I had this urge to get out the green fingers for the first time since we’ve moved in.

After a quick trip to Wilko for some essential prick and prong things that apparently help when trying to make a garden look pretty I got out the pasty legs and began to churn over the smallest section of soil – TAKING ME TWO HOURS!!! How the hec did this 30 minute job turn into two hours of sweat and backache! When Jason returned (with an impressed smug face) he simply asked what I was going to do with that section of the garden. How did I not think of this before I attempted to make it look all lovely and soil–y, basically a haven for kids to make mud pies in??? So, what did I do… text my mum of course.

‘Ok, so i’ve done this today….it’s taken me two hours, but now what do I do with it’. Well, the first response was of course to state how much of a good job I had done… until the second response was the assumption that I had added compost to give the ground nutrients…. what?? No, I haven’t added compost and yes I am quite aware this is probably the bare basics of a garden. Either way, it got me thinking about the amount of times I have turned to my parents for answers to my very basic and uneducated questions. I’ve gained so much appreciation for what my parents did for me when I was living at home and I’d like to think I didn’t do a terrible job at showing this or returning the favour in various ways but for those times that I truly took you for granted – I sincerely apologise. There really aren’t that many hours in a day and if 16 year old me knew what I know now I would be making sure to appreciate those little heroes in our life and make more of an effort to notice their hard work on a daily basis.


I’m far from sharing any photo’s of our little garden in progress but hopefully one day I’ll walk out into it as proud as punch wanting the world to see (insert ‘yeah right’ emoji face) but until that day, i’ll settle for the fact I have a long way to go and I plan on abusing my parents knowledge over it for all it’s worth.


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