A Good Song, Is A Good Song

I ‘ V E   G O T   F R I E N D S   I N   L O W   P L A C E S


After that comment, most of you will be assuming I hang around with the wrong crowd, but there’s a slight few of you that will know I’m referring to a Garth Brooks classic. WHO? For those that don’t know, go youtube Justin Timberlake and Garth Brooks to soften the blow. And no.. don’t knock country music, after all Beyonce’s done a duet with the Dixie Chicks and Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton make an amazing duo on stage.

Last week, we returned from a family trip to Dublin and the main reason for visiting was to attend the Country to Country music festival which stems from a background of my mothers music passion. Whilst there, after Jason had gotten over his starstuck moment of witnessing Samantha Mumba walk down the middle of Grafton Street, it got me thinking about the range of taste in music that I seem to have built up appreciation for depending on what is currently going on in my life or what situation I find myself in. I might be an obvious fan of Mumford and sons, Kings of Leon or Coldplay and casually listen to picks of the top 40 on my way to and from work, but don’t put it past me to recite Jamie T, or sing along to Macy Gray when I feel i’m failing at life, hec I might even shock Jason to pieces and write my own fire in the booth one day.


As a child, I grew up with my mum being a huge country music fan and lost count on the amount of times I caught her out with her polishing cloth as she rocked on her toes back and forth singing to get through the housework (this is present as well as past). Not forgetting the many a times I fell asleep in my pushchair whilst she and my elder sisters went line dancing at ‘coco’s’, only for it later to get burnt down and conveniently turn into an al fresco smokers corridor next to my high school.

Contrary to this, my dad’s taste in music was a little more on the deep purple, meatloaf & eagles side which got equally as much air play in the house/car growing up. However, in similarity, both parents shared a keen interest in Bruce Springsteen and so they should after camping overnight on a train station floor to be first in line at one of his concerts, so you can only imagine us kids were always bought up around live music, so much so that Natalie picked up a guitar and set up her own band, travelling the UK whilst Kimberley learnt to play the drums and drove us all mad until she actually became quite good at them. Ok, I got to grade 1 on the piano if that counts? – but I’m not complaining. Gigs have always been an important part of my life and something I seriously look forward to. There’s nothing that beats the feeling of singing all the lyrics at the top of your lungs to a song you love whilst hearing it being played live. Some may remember from my dad’s father of the bride speech that what makes it even better is when you sweet talk the security guards into letting you in for free so you have one less ticket to buy on so many occasions (Even this year, he still manages to do it).

So I guess I’m intrigued to see how other people really feel about music and whether you consider yourself defensive of a certain genre or if you just accept that a good song, is a good song and let your mood take control? After all, maybe Whitney Houston just couldn’t do enough to help you through that heartbreaking moment crying into a pillow.


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