Saturday In Southwold

T I M E   F O R   F R I E N D S

Some of you may remember I mentioned the fate of magpies in one of my recent posts and my addiction to always trying to look for the second when I spot one of those little terrors running around. Safe to say, Saturday presented itself with two beautiful magpies indefinitely filled with Joy; in the form of frothy coffee & fresh out of the oven flaky pastry sausage rolls.

DSC_0251DSC_0252DSC_0246DSC_0243DSC_0240Some would say it’s unfortunate, but I think fortunately for me I have a handful of friends that don’t live close by. Purely for the fact it’s refreshing to have new places to venture out and see life happening through someones eyes other than your own, despite sharing many things in common that connect you in the first place.

DSC_0186DSC_0168DSC_0104Liann and her cute little buns live around an hour away from me and although we work together, don’t often get the chance to pop over and catch up on a regular basis, so it’s important to treasure those times they do come around. This weekend we chose to visit her nearby seaside town of Southwold, which I have only ever visited once before but it’s quirky colours and summer charm soon came flooding back to me and despite the grey weather, it’s enough to draw me back in the near future.

With perfect pastels gleaming at you, whether it’s in the form of perfectly spaced beach huts or houses that line the town, it’s a perfect playground to explore and beautiful to walk round even on a gloomy day, let alone a bright one with the chance to make use of its many beer gardens and locally sourced food at every corner you turn. Not forgetting the chance to stock up on Suffolk’s finest ales locally brewed from the home of Adnams whilst your here.

DSC_0142DSC_0331DSC_0235DSC_0237DSC_0293DSC_0327My aim is to return in the warmer weather, maybe looking into a weekend break as I’m so easily tempted and many of the rentals and pubs displayed stickers in their windows inviting me to browse Suffolk Secrets and scout out the perfect accommodation for a night or two.

With time to spare & conversations to catch up on I recommend choosing someone to take a trip to the Two Magpies Bakery with and treat your tastebuds to their mouth-watering home made naughty calories, unless of course anyone has visited this quirky town already and wishes to share their trusty ‘go-to’ spots?


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