OK, so it’s day two of suffering the dreaded winter vomiting bug and i’ve been complaining of cabin fever. Don’t get me wrong, I love our home and normally the thought of having no duties to do for a few days except lounge around in blankets with no make up on, watching crappy daytime TV is what most 9-5’ers would dream of. However, when your somewhere in between having the heating on full blast with the windows wide open – it’s not so enticing.

Despite all of this, now that i’m starting to get a show of rosy cheeks back i’ve felt a massive appreciation for Jason. I’ll admit I can often be a bit of a bossy boots (I even owned a pair of slippers when I was 3 that stated this) and when I don’t feel tip top I can be even worse, so now that we share every corner of our life together, Jason can often feel the brunt of this. However, when I am ill or suffering in some way (mostly monthly related issues) Jason seems to transform into my own PA, through his own good will and today I got quite emotional over it. I just felt like wrapping my arms around him and squeezing him so hard but knew I couldn’t (trying to be the bigger person and not pass around my germs) that instead I sat on the stairs and sobbed. No attention seeking here, I genuinely felt grateful for the way he shows affection, especially when he sees me in a vulnerable light. No task is too big and i’m sure this will give him a great ego boost but so it should.

As the evening goes on and I became restless switching between channels, I ended up on a ‘slow jamz’ music programme of all things when ashanti came on, instantly reminding me of Jason in the driving seat singing his heart out to ‘Rain on me’ revealing all his guilty pleasures there and then, which got me thinking about our memories over the past 7 years and what made us the couple we are today.

Queue the selfies & instant flashbacks of our 2554 days together;

thumb_img_4207_1024thumb_img_2196_1024jason-and-ashleigh-wedding-891jason-and-ashleigh-wedding-588Jason and Ashleigh Wedding -334jason-and-ashleigh-wedding-884jason-and-ashleigh-wedding-940IMG_3016thumb_IMG_2612_1024thumb_IMG_2086_1024thumb_IMG_1825_1024thumb_IMG_1544_1024photo 1Prague 69

  1. Our wedding day – simple as that. Aside from the obvious meeting at the top of the aisle, speeches and first dance i’d have to say one of my favourite moments was dancing with you. We both love to dance and that night felt like the perfect excuse not to stop.
  2. Our road trip to Aviemore to see Mumford and Sons with a boot full of camping gear (not forgetting our whistling kettle ;)), making friends with our tent neighbours and spending the first hour of each festival night elbowing our way to the front row.
  3. Hiking the 8 hour long Kalalau Trail along the most beautiful Na’Pali Coast where I recieved 20 mosquito bites and fell flat on my butt trying to spiderman over some huge rocks, walking through it’s bamboo forest and hearing all your little stories of nature before getting to experience a private waterfall swim together.
  4. Rolling around in stitches as you slip over attempting to jump off your bed onto the floor. Oh & the time you actually fell on a banana skin whilst running for the bus in vegas.
  5. Our first valentines day when you took me to a tiny thai restaurant where we ate by candlelight.
  6. The day you drove a left hand car on the opposite side of the road for the first time on our honeymoon and managed to slash the tyre open after hitting the curb, knocking on the locals doors, changing a tyre and becoming incredibly sunburnt in the process.
  7. You shouted ‘Jambon’ at a group of french exchange students in the city because it was the first french word to enter your head.
  8. Eating steak at the restaurant overlooking the beach in Portugal followed by cocktails on beanbags in the sand.
  9. The time we got really drunk in the middle of the old town square in Prague as we tried to think of a solution to all the problems in the world that night feeling very passionate about them. Oh & the meal before hand overlooking the rooftops surrounded by fairy lights.
  10. Β The night you completely fooled me, got down on one knee with a german lady holding our camera, then dropped my ring on the Ha’penny bridge in Dublin and eventually proposed. I will never forget that night.

I could go on for a lifetime. But for you know I guess you can tell i’m feeling quite sentimental. Love you always, x

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