2 for Joy…

O H   B A B Y !

Somebody in the sixteenth century decided to write a nursery rhyme that turned out to be a seed planted in my head of superstition. Does anyone else feel the urge of duty to salute a solo magpie, asking how he is and wishing his family well whilst eagerly looking around to spot his friend (he must have a friend, i’m not prepared for a day of sorrow) and at the same time hope nobody is around to witness your moment of craziness?

Well, this happens to me on a regular basis and i’ve come to terms with the fact I would rather people think i’m crazy than have to suffer the consequences. Amongst this, I will not tolerate new shoes on tables, ladders or black cats. As for ‘white rabbits’ on the first of the month however, I can’t quite stick to that one (google this).


Fortunately, when I see two magpies I do believe it will be a day of Joy. This was the case when walking into work on Friday 17th February and I spotted those two black and white monkeys hopping around the path, immediately giving me the instinct to text a close friend (who I knew would have at least been in labour by this stage) to say congratulations. Sure enough the response what exactly what I wanted to hear…

Welcome to this crazy and amazing world Freddie…you beaut of a caterpillar.


If your anything like your mother, you’ll be as open as a book with many graphic details & have an addiction to homemade mushy peas (…i’m sure you can guess what that leads too). But if anything, please wear your heart on your sleeve like both parents. Well done you two, he’s the perfect pouter.




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