Couple’s Retreat

N E W   Y E A R   2 0 1 7

Ever felt that looming new year’s eve around the corner once the blow of christmas has well and truly vanished and know you have absolutely no plans what so ever when everyone else seems to be scanning the alcohol aisles for bulk buy bargains? This sounds like us most years so this time we started planning ahead. With 2 other couples also planless we decided to brainstorm ideas (4 months ahead) of how we could celebrate the new year.

3 couples, 3 themes & 3 nights. We’d come to the conclusion taking the party away from our own homes was the best idea and booked a private lodge about an hours drive away with our own outdoor hot tub. As the new year was over a weekend we dedicated one night to each couple and ensured the following rules applied for each night;

  1. Theme. (Around 30 themes were written down and chose at random by the girls of the couple – without the others knowing which theme had been selected).
  2. Decoration and costumes to be provided to coincide with the chosen theme.
  3. Food & Drink needed to be provided by the hosting couple alongside a signature cocktail.
  4. Finally, games had to be created or chosen as entertainment.

We managed to keep our themes a secret for 4 whole months and it paid off! Each couple put in a huge amount of effort and we were continuously surprised throughout the weekend. We did make sure to take some time out during the day and spent it lounging around chatting or visiting the nearby city of Ely. Each night, the hosts were given around 2 hours to prepare their evenings without the presence of others so the suspense was intense!

I am a firm believer in spreading the word therefore won’t feel offended if anyone wants to take inspiration from this idea – it made for a truly hilarious weekend and I would strongly advise a detox weeks before hand! (Slight warning – images of hideous phone quality as who would trust an SLR around a bunch of drunken game players!)

N I G H T   O N E


I ‘ M   N O T   A   C E L E B R I T Y – J U N G L E   T H E M E

Kat and Rob had the pressure of the first night and impressing us upon our arrival after a long days work. Safe to say they succeeded and were well equipped for a night down under with cat food and meal worms on the cards with jungle paper snakes to compliment the atmosphere. Here’s a little insight into their planning;

Tucker; Baked camembert followed by kangaroo burgers. Signature grog; Jungle juice consisting of vodka, rum, gin, tropical juice & lemonade. Clobber; Personalised phone number & name printed camo t-shirts with matching cork hats. Bushtuckers; Australian quiz, transferring pick’n’mix from one plate to another using only your mouths after they had been disguised in whipped cream, placing hands inside a cat food & otherwise ‘dirty pint’ filled ingredients bowl to retrieve stars, alongside a numerous amount of card games ending in shots of mealworms or alternative skittle vodka. Finishing touches; Fake spiders, green camping shot cups & crepe paper decor.

Safe to say we suffered our first round of sore heads the following morning. It was all worth it…


N I G H T   T W O



Night two was new years eve so Sam and Nell knew they had to pull this one out the bag for it to become a memorable one and I think this may have been the night that tipped everyone off the edge… Before we knew it, we were jumping off sofa’s and attempting to bomb into the hot tub fresh off the shiny wooden decking, oh & that was before we thought trying to create a whirlpool would be a great idea or set party poppers off getting left behind to clog up the jets. After just a few bruised knees, a broken speaker and drunken neighbour inviting himself to our party we managed to finally understand that super powers do not exist.

And here’s how they did it;

Food; Avengers style buffet. Signature cocktail; Kryptonite consisting of vodka, red bull & WKD. Attire; Superhero capes and co-ordinating masks with personalised power champagne flutes. Games; Detonate the bomb (holding a blown up balloon between your legs only, your partner must race to use their best thrusting action to pop it from behind before switching roles), You drink, I drink, We drink – the game of balls and holes (attempting to stitch up your fellow teams and ensure an accurate throw to see the shots away), Superhero quiz & very messy ring of fire card game. Finishing touches; Skyscraper scene backdrop and photo booth, paper streamers, projecting bat lights, handmade signs and props & hero goody bags.

With alcohol and a good get-together comes a bit of cheese and teary eyes as it turned midnight of 2017 and we took a moment to gather in the hot tub, prosecco poured and taking it in turns to hold the bottle we shared a few words of gratefulness for what we had accomplished in 2016 and what we were looking forward to in the year that lay ahead.


N I G H T   T H R E E


C O U P L E S   O L Y M P I C S

After 2 successful nights on the trot and more than a few heads hanging delicately the morning (whole day) after the night before, it was looking to be a quiet one for us and the mood slowly slipped into shovelling as many carbs into us throughout the day, after switching concentration in and out of board games before taking power naps mid-afternoon.

Despite this, Jason and I were not putting our preparations to waste as we took on the challenge of the last night. Whilst the others took leisurely showers and rested up for a few hours, we got busy decorating the lodge and creating areas of play.

The rest was a giddy competitive and fast paced evening with a trophy on the cards ofcourse;

Food; An array of olympic coloured snacks accompanied by tequila and sambuca shots to wash it down. Cocktail; Sex on the beach. Attire; Team coloured t-shirts & sweatbands, Finishing touches; Team goody bags, winners trophy, paper streamers, olympic sign, shamrock of luck filled with forfeits and a tablecloth photo backdrop. As for games, they were the whole aim of the evening therefore need dedication of their own;

6 points for winners, 3 for runners up & 0 for losers with forfeits.

1. Mascot Mystery: One team member must hide their team mascot and the other team member is to go and find it. Stopwatches on iphone’s should be started upon entering the room & stopped once their mascot has been found. Winners are the team that found their mascot first. 6 points to the winners, 3 to runners up and 0 for losers. Forfeits for both losing teams.

2. Wheelbarrow Wheelie: Teams must line up side by side with one team member standing in front of the other. On the horn, the person in front must perform a wheelbarrow action with the other team member supporting their legs. Reach desired destination then, the quickly get up and make you way back to the starting line but this time performing piggyback action.

3. Mr & Mrs: Each couple must take their turn in the hot seats which are placed back to back. Taking one shoe from the Mrs & one from the Mr, they must answer a series of questions relating to things they should know about each other and answer by holding up the shoe of the person they wish to use as their answer. Scores will be kept by another team and after all 3 couples have been, winners are the couple with the most correctly answered questions.

4. Beer Pong: Need I say more?

5. Cardboard Catastrophe: A backwards way of playing limbo. Take it in turns to pick up the cereal box using nothing but your mouth/teeth. After each team has attempted, rip off a section of the cereal box to make it lower to the ground. Winning team is whichever member manages to reach the lowest without falling over.

6. Cherry Pie: one member from each team must sit up a table with a plate of 5 cherries infront of them. With hands behind your backs you must eat all 5 cherries. Simple as that. Oh but they will be covered in whipped cream.

7. Blind Mans Swag: one member from each couple are blindfolded and led to their final destination listening only to their partners instructions. (Jason and I sucked at this game and I went into meltdown).


 Happy Gaming!

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