A Year Of Firsts

W E L C O M E   2 0 1 7

The time has come for a little inspiration, and it began with the end of an era. I’d always known that our wedding photographer compiled a selection of her favourite moments captured through her lens from weddings that she had shot every year and this year I was super excited that ours would be making an appearance (with it being one of the weddings that she had shot the most photo’s in one day, it had to right?), so I sat down with a hot cuppa and browsed her ‘one million moments of 2016’. For those of you planning a wedding, I strongly recommend taking a peak if you want to feel butterflies imagining that it could be you in her photos.

So moving on… this exciting task led me to recap on my own version of one million moments of 2016 before fully embarking on a fresh new year as Mrs Hunt.

G O N E   B U T   N O T   F O R G O T T E N


Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year we had to say goodbye to my beloved Grandad. Still to this day I can hear him saying ‘I’m going to miss you’, so for what it’s worth – I will always miss you too and there isn’t a visit goes by where I don’t look through those windows to picture you waving back at me.  Despite this heartache, there’s something to be said about knowing him and grandma are together again – they couldn’t even last a year without each other.

H E N   P A R T I E S

If anything, this year has to hold a shout out to the numerous hen parties! From pool parties, beer bikes and cocktails in ruin bars during a trip to Budapest, to cycling through the forest, lazing in a spa and screaming down the cyclone at Centre Parcs, to fighting it out over inflatable obstacles dressed as a pirate in Brighton, to cocktail making and salsa dancing in Norwich and finally to drinking wine as an Egyptian. What a year it’s been for celebrating in as many ways imaginable, huge thanks those that put in endless effort and being able to contribute myself when it came to celebrating with some true friends along the way. Here’s a few of my favourite 2016 hen antics stored for the memory bank;


Q U I N N   B A R N E S

One of my beautiful bridesmaids gave birth to the most adorable little girl in April, starting off their little family (of which i’m sure will expand). Unfortunately for me, her mummy wasn’t able to celebrate with us in Brighton for my hen do (heavily pregnant & drunk friends miles away from home – not a good combination) and fortunately for her she made the right decision as little lady decided to make an appearance that weekend! Luckily the two did not clash as i’m sure Quinn wouldn’t have been best pleased trying to be delivered by a drunk hen – even if there was a midwife amongst the party.


” I   D O “

Here comes the big ones. On the 18th June at 12.30pm I was lucky enough to stand beside the man who knows me best and vow to remain standing by his side forever. It is really true what they say when you get married – I’ve truly never loved him as much as I do now. Something just changed. Ofcourse, I loved him before; but now is different and I just can’t explain it. I do still get angry when he leaves his clothes on the floor so I guess some things never change.

We were blessed to be able to share this milestone moment with some very special people this year who also took their vows. So, here’s to us you little bundles of cuteness.

25.05.16 ; Mr & Mrs Briennaomi-and-sam-wedding

18.06.16 ; Mr & Mrs Huntjason-and-ashleigh-wedding-664

30.07.16 ; Mr & Mrs Felton

03.12.16 ; Mr & Mrs Hardycharlotteryan_400


It might have taken a chunk out of our pockets and two days worth of jet lag but if there ever was a honeymoon that was totally worth it – it’s this one. We experienced it all from snorkelling with sea turtles to dual zip-lining over breathtaking views of mother nature. If only pictures could evidence the smell of coconut shrimp cooking outside and allow you to feel the heat of constant sunshine…


W E   L I V E   T O G E T H E R   N O W

Returning from our honeymoon to a little surprise; the house we had left painting and unfurnished after months of endless scrubbing and cleaning had been secretly wallpapered with carpet laid and beds to sleep in! Our parents had been plotting together to create the perfect ‘over the threshold’ moment. It is something we are eternally grateful for and loving every minute of as husband and wife! It may seem old school kids – but there’s something to be said for having a new challenge once the wedding and honeymoon have drawn to a close.


” I T   A C T U A L L Y   H A P P E N E D “

The exact words spoken by Miss Putter during a romantic winter trip to the concrete jungle… I met this girl just over 3 years ago at a local music festival and have remained close friends ever since. She had kept it a running joke that she was yet to be engaged, despite the duration her and now fiance Rob had been together, so when we got this news there was nothing but cheers and silent round of applause to Rob for finally putting the girl out of her misery. Congratulations to the both of you, I have no doubt it will be the most perfect day.


N O T    F O R G E T T I N G   A N O T H E R

I must not forget to mention another certain girly excited about having said yes this year…

jason-and-ashleigh-wedding-969 Congratulations Jess & Lewis. Roll on 2018 – I can already anticipate the antics that lay ahead.

 T H E   I N B E T W E E N   M O M E N T S

Every year is filled with ups and downs, pits and peaks. It is only fair to remember and reflect upon these as well as those big moments we share in our lives so being grateful for every day is important and the last minute planning that goes into an organised night out or the gentle knocks on the door you hear when your friend lives round the corner and knows your cups of tea taste good and your mum wants a break so brings you freshly made scones. I treasure them all and pray that the hard moments come and go but make me better for it.


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