Everyday Must-Haves

I’ve never really been the type of person that without fail uses beauty products religiously or on a daily basis as usually waking up at 5am everyday doesn’t invite me to spend time on anything other than brushing my teeth whilst putting up my hair and eating breakfast as I walk out the door. However, and there is a big however here; 2016 has started off a little differently and I’ve decided to share a few things that I’ve bought with me from last years findings and a few that I’ve been introduced to over the past month which I’m planning on sticking to.

Number 1Jo Malone – Peony and Blush Suede.


Christmas of 2014 was the culprit of my new found love for Jo Malone and this particular scent has become an every day favourite of mine with its floral and fruity essence. Jason bought me two small bottles, one of this scent and the other being Pomegranate Noir which I often layered together when I couldn’t decide which scent to choose and after getting used to this fragrance I’m afraid I can’t turn back and know that it’s only a matter of time before I’m making a wedding purchase!

Number 2 – Babor HY-OL & Phytoactive Base Cleansing and Body Lotion.


This little combination was given to me as a christmas present this year by Jason which he picked up from our favourite spa. HY-OL and Phytoactive Base are used in combination with each other as a facial cleanser which leave the skin feeling smooth and free of tightness caused by many previous cleansing products. The application is simple where a ratio of 2:1 is used so that HY-OL is applied to the face and neck first, absorbing into the skin for a minute before applying a smaller amount of Phytoactive Base and then wetting the fingertips to massage the two together until a milky emulsion is formed and then the product is rinsed off completely and skin dabbed dry with a towel. The ‘clean’ feeling is immediate and skin left refreshed.

The ingredients are simple, plant-based and free of preservatives making it appealing to all skin types. The body lotion is thin and fast absorbing making it an easy application on the move and a handbag essential.

Number 3Maybelline BB Cream.


BB Cream is used at all hours of the day for me and a personal perfect choice for two moments: Work and Holidays. This is my No.1 choice as an every day alternative to foundation and also when my face has caught a few too many sun rays. With is moisturising texture, it keeps the skin hydrated and adds a hint of glow to take away the winter pale. It’s cheap and lasts ages when used sparingly, meaning your more expensive foundation pick will also stretch that little bit further when used on those dates when ‘making an effort’ is essential.

Number 4Moroccan Oil hair treatment.


Oh my! What a little treat this is. If anyone has heard of this Argon oil infusion and been considering whether or not to make the investment like I had for over a year, go for it! The smell is divine and the feeling of applying this treatment after every hair wash adds just that little bit more substance and health to your hair. In the lead up to my wedding I had been contemplating buying this in order to help nourish my hair that was growing to a length I was happy with but suffering slightly in condition and it’s already proving one of my favourite products and something that will be at he top of my honeymoon packing list.

Number 5Naked 2 eye palette by Urban Decay.


During some tedious last minute christmas shopping with my mum, we’d been deliberating over what final present to buy for my eldest sister and after previously borrowing this eyeshadow palette from a friend and witnessing the wonders that layering these colours can create I’d recommended that my mum buy this for her. Then, come christmas morning mum had surprised me with my very own.

Until next time beauties…


5 thoughts on “Everyday Must-Haves

  1. dashoffashiongirl says:

    You’ve got such a gorgeous blog! I can’t wait to see more and I’m so glad I’ve discovered this! ♥ Would you mind checking out mine? I’d really appreciate it xx


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