A Muddy Trail

My new years resolution; Make more use of my camera.

This resolution is hopefully one that I will stick to throughout the year and turn into one of my favourite hobbies. Truth is, it’s always been my favourite hobby however as life does, it got in the way and my poor Nikon D90 secured a place on my bedroom floor collecting dust.

Fortunately, I have a fiance who’s forced me to make more use of my spare time now that I don’t have my head stuck in a book and brush off the cobwebs in order to regain my love for photographs. There’s something about taking photo’s that becomes very therapeutic the more you do it and although i’ve a whole world behind the lens still to learn, i’m only going to get there by practice. So, starting as the way I mean to go on we headed out for nippy morning walk around the beautiful countryside that surrounds us.


The chosen destination for us today was Castle Acre, an English heritage site dating back to 1090 and features extensive ruins, a small village with a public house and traditional church, making it a cosy place to wander.


Quirky trails also make it a good spot for a Geocache and we thought what better than to begin the first day of 2016 by following our outdoor guilty pleasure.

jasonDSC_0762DSC_0779castle acre fordphoto

Todays weather was the perfect condition to pop on the trusty bobble hat and stretch out the new coat purchased boxing day after our 4.00am wake up struggle to grab a bargain.

Bobble hat – Next / Grey Coat – Zara. 


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