10 Reason’s I’ve Smiled in 2015

I am not sure I’m quite ready to say goodbye to 2015 just yet, after another 365 days have passed, i’ve grown a year older and wedding wiser however 2016 is set to be a big one for Jason and I and we can only hope it’s full of the smiles and laughter we are hoping for. To celebrate another year and the last spent living at home with our parents, I have put together 10 of my favourite moments from throughout the year.


  1. More Sunday’s spent out walking. This year we have found ourselves dedicating the last day of the week to each other and it’s pretty much a given that we won’t arrange anything elsewhere on this day. Usually a long drive or walk out is involved and there’s something that’s felt more cosy going out in the colder months than in the summer (beaches are too crowded and roads become busy). It’s also meant that we have time to catch up, yes – this sounds crazy considering we are getting married next year and most would assume we spend every day together however, that is not always the case. With a busy work schedule and long shifts, the weekdays are pretty much otherwise pre-scheduled which makes this time even more precious and there’s nothing more appealing than knowing we have a whole day to ourselves, probably ending in a cosy pub grabbing locally sourced food followed by a drive home singing our own version of ipod favourites.


2. Girlie Catch-ups.  Here’s to the few but funniest and craziest girlie nights over the past year. I feel blessed to be able to consider all the girls that know who they are my closest friends, I hope to still be taking selfies with you in many years to come when we no longer have the strength to hold our bladders as we cackle together. From teen years to careers, i’ve seen marriages and now bumps in some of you and couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it all. Thank you for another year of belly aching laughs and shoulders to cry on, your friendship will always be treasured.


3. Planning & pulling off a 25th surprise birthday party for Jason. If planning a wedding wasn’t hard enough I decided to add a surprise party into the mix too and it’s safe to say it will probably be my last. Saying that, after the sweat had finished dripping my forehead I did manage to get everyone in the right place (even if it wasn’t quite spot on the right time) and Jason did remain surprised. It was a night he will always remember and I can only thank everyone who made the effort to ensure he had a good one.


4. Finishing my studies reaching distinction. If only I have spoken too soon as I plan to start them again in the new year in order to help career progression however this has still been a tough and long milestone reached so I think it is only deserving of myself to celebrate this achievement.


5. Ticking one off the bucket list. Deciding to make the 8 hour long drive up north to Aviemore in order to see Mumford & Son’s live has probably been one of the most sporadic and amazing choices of the year, resulting in two very wet and exhausted fans heading home with a story to share with the grandkids. If you’re yet to experience a festival, do it while you can and be prepared to embrace the sounds of vomit projecting on your tent at 6am – trust me it is all worth it.


6. Another Wade family gathering. This year saw us all heading up to the very tip of Scotland visiting my dad’s side of the family for my Auntie’s 60th Birthday and it’s safe to say that whenever the Wade clan are together it’s always a celebration never to forget (one of the reasons Jason and I could not resist a big wedding) and it may not occur very often but when it does it truly brings family together and the drinks and laughter are sure to flow.


7. We welcome many new additions. From immediate family to some of our closest friends, we have been lucky to meet some beautiful little babies of 2015 and help introduce them into the wonders of this world (that would consist of Jason’s humour and my baby friendly facial expressions). I hope to watch you all grow into your own as the years go by and share multiple celebrations.

Prague 69

8. Visiting a new corner of the world. Prague is one of the most peaceful and romantic cities we have come across as a couple and has made a place high up our list of re-visits. It’s beauty and culture are endless and there is sure to be something for everyone here.


9. All of our wedding planning decisions. This has got to be the biggest and most important thing Jason and I have ever held the responsibility of as we prepare to share our special day with those closest to us. It’s been a tough but fun process that began early this year and continues from now until the day itself. From homemade DIY to scouting out the best suppliers to suit our style we hope its going to be an amazing day for all involved. I am the most excited girl tonight as we enter 2016.

DSC_0555 copy

10. Family. Once again I have had continued support and strength from those closest to me and therefore my last favourite moment of 2015 is shared between all of those special moments shared with my family. Times can be tough and I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a close relationship with every one of you. Each and every one brings something different to the table but we all share the most amazing bond. I love you.

Happy New Year everyone, make it a good one.


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