From AM to PM

Sunday morning woke me up with a slightly sore head and red mac stained lips from the night before as Jason and I attended my departments christmas party which this year had been left down to little old me to organise…. 57 people rounded up in 1 venue worked out stress-free on the day however I’m definitely passing on the responsibility to someone else next year!

photo 5

We’d tried to make the most of a lay in this morning however remaining horizontal feeling slightly dehydrated made the task a little difficult therefore we decided to head out in tradition that Sunday’s are always spent with each other and today called for fresh air and hearty grub.

photo 1

Considering I missed the Christmas light switch on in my favourite Georgian town this year due to working late I’d asked we take a trip there for a browse around some quirky shops and a stop at one of our favourite restaurants for lunch.

photo 2photo 2 (1)Byfords

Byfords what can I say? You have provided many years of birthday and various event celebrations and we still keep coming back. Jason and I love this place and the surroundings it’s perfectly placed within therefore making a little visit here is worth it if you have a few hours spare to wander the cobbled streets also.

hoppers yardholt toiletssoildierjasons barboureat me or mind your head archgrey and white houses

Hopping back into the car we set off for an hours drive around the coastline with intention to stretch our legs at some point however the drizzle soon set in so making the decision to keep driving led us to see the afternoon air turn to a glow of pink as we turned winding roads choosing a new direction to take at every T-junction whilst singing along to our CD collection in the background before eventually we were led homeward and I had anticipated that a certain house on the corner of a bend that we were sure to pass on this journey would be lit in golden icicle lights which over the years had led us to nickname this the ‘Gingerbread House’ and without disappointment it was.

gingerbread house

If there’s anything to appreciate when the day turns to dark at 4pm it’s twinkling lights, I just can’t get enough of them. Memories come flooding back to of all the years my dad took us on drives around the town just to look at the houses christmas lights and how amazed I felt when seeing them. It allows me to get excited about creating christmas in my own home next year and hopefully gaining some craft inspiration from Kirstie’s homemade christmas whilst I leave Jason to master the Jamie Oliver.



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