Ladies That Lunch

Traffic was not my friend today and after a good 45 minutes sat stationary in a multi-storey car park entrance I began to question my decision to even take my car into the city two weeks before Christmas. What was I thinking? Perhaps I wasn’t.

Either way no congestion on the roads could stop me working my way to meet up with who Jason calls our ‘favourite South African friend’, obviously because she is our only South African friend and also because she is one in a million and I love our lunch or prosecco dates that are frequently arranged once a month.

After a few hours spent sifting through the lovely Norwich lanes for some final Christmas shopping we headed over to the Bicycle Shop for Welsh rarebit and a pot of fruit tea. Sitting at a window seat snug on the first floor amongst leafy green foliage we nattered and caught up over the past month’s activities and after chatting away so long we nearly left without paying our bill but sense caught on and it was time to continue the Christmas shop after being determined that this will be the last time I visit Norwich city centre prior to December 25th!


What’s on everyone’s list of goodies this year? I’m hoping to receive a new camera lens to put the dusty SLR back into action after sadly failing to upgrade my iPhone in 3 years meaning I’m left with cloudy images and a battery life of only a couple of hours. Time to admit defeat!

If you ever find yourselves wandering the beautiful city of Norwich in East Anglia be sure to check out these top independent lunch spots:

1. The Bicycle Shop on St. Benedict’s Street. Visit for a quirky and quiet coffee nestled in between twinkly lights and vintage china.

2. Cafe 33 Exchange street, a warm and inviting snug where seats are filled quickly and freshly made baguettes, cakes and lemonade are sure to make the mouth water.

3. Biddy’s Tea Room. A favourite pick of mine for afternoon tea served with an Alice in wonderland vibe. Also be sure to check out Ophelia Weddings whereby the beautifully sampled cakes in Biddy’s can be turned into your very own wedding or event cake due to the amazing owners extended business in helping brides all across Norfolk and Suffolk. 

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