The City of a Hundred Spires

Doesn’t it feel christmassy?? After spending last weekend catching up with my sisters surrounded by festive cheer it’s needless to say it’s got me in the festive spirit and to top it off I put on my first christmas playlist of the year in the car today, followed by driving past a brightly lit house on the way home after a long shift with a giant blow up santa in the driveway so I had to share a little smile.

Whilst thinking of my previous weekend finally spending quality time with my sisters catching up over mulled wine and ice skates in Hyde Park, it got me reminiscing over the last city trip I took which was actually to Prague in April as an off the cuff long weekend with Jason, just the two of us (& Jason’s beard).


It might not be the most festive post for the start of December however as I was looking over old photo’s I couldn’t help but get struck by this album which led me back to memories of the Czech Republic and by this I am referring to cobbled streets, food on the go, coffee stops and outside blankets all being a few of many reasons to visit this beautiful city. It portrays a romantic approach and excites you into exploring it’s many hidden nooks and crannies, some our favourites shown below;



Above: Steps up to Prague Castle and a beautiful nighttime view over the city. Below: Cherry blossom lining the streets on our way to visit the Petrin Tower (Highest viewpoint in Prague).IMG_0419

Prague 10

Penguin Lights – A spot visited more than once during our time here, peaceful view of over the Vltava River and Charles Bridge whilst waiting for our barbecued burgers.

Prague 18

Prague 11

John Lennon wall

Hours can be spent wandering these streets and exploring life through a different cities eyes so to fulfil our short stay here we scheduled a day out to do nothing but walk and see where we ended up, and this was our result:

… Then we drank and ate.

… On a boat.

& yes it was delicious! (Note: we also have a habit of dressing like each other on a daily basis however I can promise that this is unplanned, we’ve just grown to accept it.)

Prague 107

The best thing about this cultural city… a chain food restaurant is rarely seen unless its a common little wooden hut selling the most amazing traditional sweet treat that go by the name of Trdelnik! Pure doughy, sugary, cinnamon, nutty and nutella packed deliciousness that melts on the tongue! – Not to be missed!

Prague 103

You can also guarantee to find some romantic and scenic restaurants perfect for an evening meal before heading to the old town square for cocktails and endless glasses of Prosecco. One of our favourite eateries being Hotel U Prince, as upon entering the building, a specialist cocktail bar awaits you before being led upstairs to an outdoor rooftop restaurant whereby enjoying perfectly cooked food and unique cocktails were enjoyed right from our seats overlooking some of Prague’s most recognised buildings.

Prague 45IMG_0232

Over the course of a few days we found many places we’d rush back to in a heartbeat and highly recommend to others. Importantly, there is a great sense of culture and it’s true that no corner of the city will house the same characteristics, with each and every area stunning you with something different, art being a strong contender of difference, depending on personal taste of course.

Prague 91

Prague 115

The above pieces named ‘Tower Babies’ were designed by David Cerny born in Prague, 1967 and sit discretely but at the same time clearly visible next to the Museum Kampa after a high appreciation for the babies was shown when they were displayed here as part of a temporary exhibition. These sculptures were also once seen in London.




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