Lights, Lights, Lights

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Don’t you just love London in the winter? I for one wish I could find more excuses to visit the city at this festive time of year, grabbing ginger coffee on the go and wrapping myself in oversized scarfs, searching for the best brunch stop before hitting the streets filled with shoppers on a mission. This year however, I settled for a cosy weekend in the capital catching up with my two sisters.

blog sisters

For around a month, my sisters and I had been arranging a catch-up since the middle sister (the independent and very determined one) lives in Tunbridge Wells which makes christmas the perfect time to arrange a little trip to central london and organise time away to remember how it feels when sisters get together.

blog archway nat and kim

We were sure to find many moments of humour in between trying to book budget accommodation in late november and navigating my eldest sister (the sometimes bossy and confident one who can’t hide her emotions) around the underground before she bursts into song. All that considered, I think it was a perfect choice of activity to visit winter wonderland based in the huge Hyde Park whereby we spent the best part of 8 hours pondering over independent christmas market stalls, drinking mulled wine, dancing among the merry to a mix of german and disco classics before popping on the ice-skates for a real winter experience. Oh and the best part of the trip, the christmas lights of course.

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From Hyde Park to Oxford street we walked, talked, ate, drank and giggled our way around some beautiful lights which definitely put me in the mood for christmas, so much so that my excitement upon returning home late sunday evening to see a glow of red, green and orange through the window ended the weekend just perfectly as I sat next to the tree of multicoloured warmth. Some may say it is simply too early or untraditional to put up the tree at this time and maybe they are right, but there was no way I was prepared to head straight back into the dullness of this wet november without keeping my spirits up so that’s it chaps, the decs are up!


blog oxford street

How beautiful does Oxford Street look?

After a long but lovely day, we’d headed out early the next morning to catch brunch out before the crowds rolled in therefore, first stop – covent garden.

mistletoe blog

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Our pick was the mouthwatering Crusting Pipe Wine Bar, which I must suggest is a perfect little romantic snug and a top pick for breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea. The breakfast menu was a tough choice but I had opted to go for mushrooms on toast with poached eggs – delish!

mushrooms on toast brunch

A good natter, grub and coffee got us started for the day ahead and we’d planned a visit to Harrods (if only to window shop) before parting ways on the tube to catch our trains. The weekend truly was a memorable one, if only for the fact that spending time together is rare now, juggling other priorities around our catch-ups and I think it was something all three of us needed to bring back that traditional feeling of family togetherness as we enter the first day of advent.

blog sisters brunch

brunch eggs benedict blog

brunch blog

That’s it for now, enjoy December!


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