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Today’s post is going to focus on an importance of photographs and how they easily translate into memories. Its also an encouragement to anyone who has some form of camera, whether this is digital, old school SLR, phones or videocameras to put these into frequent use.

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There’s an importance in capturing moments which you will never gain again and having these moments as evidence to share with those who may not have been present or in years to come when you look back on many of the flickers in time that made you smile, but you may not store in your memory exactly what you wore or how you felt therefore having a photograph can bring back a flood of feelings.

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What is the purpose of having your wedding day photographed? It’s purely to capture moments throughout that day that contribute to making it the happiest day of your life and taking snapshots of laughs, cries and excitement that represent the feelings felt throughout various stages on that day. You also want it to show family and share these moments with future children, even grandchildren in order to re-live that day over and over again, so why not gather a collection of happy memories with the same intention and photograph or document in some way, your feelings over time and something that you may not remember in 5 months time even tho that moment, something made you laugh so hard you couldn’t breathe.

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To me, family is the most precious gift and no matter what adventures we share, I feel grateful for their love and morals so keeping as much of that happiness we share on record is one of my top priorities and I encourage it to become one of yours. To take more advantage of these little treasures, why not print and file your photo’s annually then at every christmas sit down beside your loved ones, add a hot mug of mulled wine and flick through your adventures over the past year.

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