How Do You Eat Yours?

Long shifts at work all week and returning to washing and ironing only calls for a well deserved thursday off! Luckily, working extra hours means having time off during the week to head into the city without drowning in a sea of people, although I’m sure this will turn into the case the nearer to December we reach!

After not spending any time with my mum in the past week I decided to grab her for a trip out and we’d chosen to visit the nurseries in Norwich. November is the best time to visit a garden centre considering the amount of christmas decorations that have made their way onto the shelves, it automatically takes me back to being a child and truly believing it was santa’s grotto. Whilst there, in amongst all of the christmas craziness I caught my eye on a delicate plant pot which I knew add to be added to my ‘bottom drawer’. For anyone that is unfamiliar with this phrase, it is a simple reference to explain the endless amount of house stock that Jason and I have been purchasing over the past 2 years in preparation for moving into our own home in the early months of next year. Slowly, the drawer has extended over my room, my parents room and their closet as well as my own….. and then some.

So here’s a little peek at the pot which is next to be added in.


No visit like this is complete until you stop for cream tea and I’m sure that i’m not the only one who can agree that nurseries are the best hot spot for finding the perfect scone, slightly warmed and served with clotted cream and jam. Making the most of the trip, we’d decided to grab lunch and have a long gossip like mothers and daughters do, so rather than stuffing ourselves to the brim with lunch followed by cream tea we took those to go and later that day I made the most of the deliciousness that was awaiting me.  Whilst enjoying this treat it got me thinking about the ‘proper’ way to eat a scone.

At work, it’s this little treat that will get people through the day (I’m sure the calorie overload has something to do with this) and often the popular choice of celebratory sharing on one’s birthday therefore i’ve never had so many debates over what way to eat a scone (or the correct way to pronounce it for that matter!). So here’s my version of the perfect scone, layered jam first and topped with cream accompanied by a hot cup of english breakfast tea.

blog food 5

blog food 6

blog food 7

blog food 8

blog food 9

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