Why sundays are the best of all days

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You get to the end of the working week and are ready for rest, although the population of today usually need to carry out household D.I.Y or weekly cleaning, spend well earned cash hitting the shops or attending overdue catch-ups so lets face it, saturdays are pretty much taken care of. Then we hit sunday and if we weren’t already tired out from the week before, we’re preparing to get ready for that week ahead therefore nothing should be more important than taking some crucial hours to ourselves whereby overthinking, overworking and overreacting are the only things not on the agenda.

From a personal perspective I have to admit that Autumn is categorically my favourite of all seasons and our surroundings at this time of year show us natural beauty at its best. You can’t beat throwing on a thick jumper and heading out into the golden sunshine with crisp air to match the texture of leaves brushing between your feet. It’s that in-between time when the heat settles, over-populated areas die down and it’s not yet too cold if you forget your coat on a trip to Tesco. This is Jason and I’s chosen season to grab some fresh air during our down time, exploring somewhere new, leaving the phones on silent, taking out a camera and returning home to a mocha latte and a real fire to fall asleep in front of.

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