Exploring the outdoors (In a world full of hidden treasures)


Those that know Jason & I well enough will know that we are often spotted snapping selfies out on long sunday strolls around various coastal or woodland walks and for many months this has been put down simply to the fact that we like spending time in the outdoors together. This is true. Often we do like to take time out and go on long walks (Autumn is our favourite time of year to do this) chatting about things left, right and centre but many of the times we stick on the trainers and thick coats is for a different reason and to answer your question I will introduce you to the world of Geocaching.

Some of you may well know exactly what worldwide hobby I am referring to, however the majority of people that I have spoken with about this have been clueless (In the world of geocachers, these are known as ‘muggles’). Therefore I thought it would make a good post to share with you as it really does prove you don’t have to search for endless activities to convince yourselves or the kids to step into the great outdoors and instead just use a little imagination (and your compass!).

IMG_9042 copy

Geocaching is today’s version of ‘letterboxing’ and consists of various sized containers known as ‘caches’ which are hidden and placed in tracked locations across a chosen trail. To get involved, all you need to do is download the Geocaching App on your Apple or Android phone or tablet and begin searching your desired location for trails within the area that have already been set up by fellow geocachers. Once you’ve selected your chosen trail, the app allows you to use a navigation system in order to direct you towards the first cache before providing you with hints and clues in order to help you uncover what you should be looking for once your within close range. It’s simple but effective and I never fail to believe that there’s a big kid in everyone regardless of age therefore if you fancy joining the thousands of people across the world in finding these little gems or starting a trail yourself then visit https://www.geocaching.com/play and watch their video tutorial to get started.


  • Always take a pen to ensure you can sign the logbook found at each cache.
  • Wear suitable footwear (the terrain and difficulty can be seen ahead of your search so make sure your prepared for some tricky finds.)
  • Fill your pocket with little knick knacks so that you can do some exchanging should you wish.

Enjoy the outdoors!

A x

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